Sharing a private map with users I selected

Would it be possible to keep a map private and still share with other registered users? At first I would just like the other users to see what we are doing and then eventually be able to change their items after they get familiar with the product.

I see a other questions about collaborative editing, but no release. Would it be possible to share an expected release data for this capability?

Hi, yes, you found it out right, this is the collaborative editing. I cannot provide you with a release date for that one right now. What you can do in the meantime is to use a shared/group account to edit a map with team members.

So we need to keep the map private so only the group members can see and make changes. Is that possible in your solution above?

Yes. For now:
1. Make the map private
2. Make a group account with a shared password and use that for all team members.

This solution only works if you trust all members of the group not to delete the data, delete the map, etc. You can create backups of the map by downloading the GeoJSON file from time to time. GeoJSON is the native format of MapHub.