Search on map for Visitors

Seems as if search geagraphically on the map doesn’t work for visitors, only if you log in to edit mode.
Is this feature possible to implement?

Skärmbild 2022-03-16 182401


Hi Bo,

Yes, it is like this by design. It’s been asked before, so at one point it’ll be added, but it is not currently available.



Hello again, any progress or plans for this matter by now :wink: ?

This would also be very helpful for what I need. Just throwing it out there to see if it will help speed things up.

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This is basically done for Enterprise users, it’ll be available for Business users around next week.

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It doesn’t work for our maps, I think we are business users (user name iHusbil). Is it implemented?
(That is, that our visitors may search om a map geographically)