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First I would like to thank you for providing MapHub.

I was wondering if there was anything planned to be able to search in Item Descriptions? Or if it were possible to add cathegories where one Item could be featured in several cathegories.

In my personal case, I have made a map of companies who are active in a certain field. Whithin this field they are active in different areas. These are now described in the Description section. It would be very helpful though if one where able to either search within the descriptions for a certain area or if each area could be a cathegory and users could just filter a certain cathegory.

Thank you and best


I also like your idea that searching goes through the description.
As for categorizing, this thread could be interesting for you:
(It’s about grouping, categorizing and tags)

And I actually found a similar request for searching the description:
…search (…)for words in the name or description would be really useful for our applications.
[Filter & Search Options]-Thread

Big greetings and welcome!

Hi ACCEL and welcome to the forum!

I’m trying to understand what kind of feature do you describe under “categories”. Are you already using groups but would like to have a different way of categorising items?

As @Michel has said, this will be properly implemented in the future, with “data-driven maps” after we launch the stable version.

In the meanwhile it’s interesting what you are telling about describing categories in description. How do you do that exactly? You are right that if we’d search in descriptions we could essentially keep tags there as a workaround, like [company] for example.

Hi, I’ve actually just added search in description + a {hidden: } tag to enable using it for tagging.

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Nice, that was quick! Thanks Zsolt!
And ACCEL, thanks for creating this thread :slight_smile:

Dear Zsolt

This is amazing, thank you for the quick work! I just tried it out and it works perfectly.


An update idea:
It would be great if I can search for more words than one.
In my (map) case for example “bar billiard craftbeer” :slight_smile:

Hi Michel,

Good idea, I’ve implemented it, check it out.


Beautiful, thanks!