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Loving this mapping programme and looking forward to using them on our website!

It would be really useful we think (for our purposes at the very least) to have an option to filter by colour when viewing the maps, as we use the different colours to distinguish services.

An option to search for specific markers would also be greatly appreciated, as we are using it to map local independent businesses.

Would love to hear if it would be possible to implement one or both of these options.

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Hi and thanks for considering MapHub to be used on your website!

Those ideas sound interesting and we will be definitely looking into some kind of filtering option! By filtering do you mean to filter only the right hand side list, or to also hide the items from the map?


Thanks for getting back to me!

What we are looking for in a custom map is the ability to select all shops for example (which we have coloured in red and using the shopping icon) so you can tick or untick different icons or colours to hide the rest (I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well here).

We want our residents and visitors to use this map to locate specifically independent businesses (which is why google maps will not work for us really) so the ability to filter from the dropped pins and search only the dropped pins for words in the name or description would be really useful for our applications.

Looking at other mapping software, there’s very few that include a feature of this type.

Hello there,
thanks for this tool. We are a university close to berlin searching for a way to collect and display our international activities. For that reason, i am also searching for a function, that let me categorize our activities, so users of the map are able to switch ON/OFF these different categories. Also we would like to group activities by years in the upcoming years, so users can switch on/off activities by year. Maybe this could be done by a filtering option, that Sophia suggested, maybe a different way. Would also be great to hear if you have any plans of building something like that in the coming years.
Nonetheless… Great tool, thanks for your work.

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Hello! I’m currently using your tool to map out different healthcare facilities in our region for an interactive presentation. We ultimately need to be able to turn off some of the layers (or colors) in a group in order to highlight facilities that fall under certain categories. Like the previous posters, I’m wondering if this is a function that can be added. Any information you might have would be great, thank you!

Hi Sophia, Gerrit and Loni,

Thank you for giving feedback about the additional filtering, grouping, searching needs. As you can see this is quite a popular opinion to add these to MapHub, but to support these features the UI would need to have a big rewrite. I’m not saying it’s not possible, just that it’d take substantial efforts on our side.

Right now we are concentrating on fixing bugs, but it might be possible to add features like this in the future.


Groups have now been implemented in MapHub, you can read more about it in the following blog post:

Searching / Filtering of items is now supported on MapHub: