Search Bar not Working?

Map Hub has made my work so easy!
Unfortunately my search bar in the top left of the map is not working, so i can not find specific areas to tag.
Even when searching obvious areas, nothing comes up.
I am not sure why this has suddenly happened, it was working fine yesterday. Any advice on what to do to fix this?

Hi Eva and welcome to the forum! The problem is that MapHub’s search is receiving a large amount of queries and is now over the quota. I believe they’ll reenable it back in a few hours. If not I’ll look into, but I’d prefer not to sign up for yet another monthly plan. (Currently the servers, Mapbox and Thunderforest all cost money every month and this would be an other 63 USD / month.)

I also hope to launch freemium packages soon so I can cover the cost of these services.

Hi Eva, it should be working today.