Safari support and backup

Received a message from on of my map users that they cannot use the interactive functions as Safari does not support WebGL

Any feedback I can give them?

Also best way to make a backup of my map after all hours I have spent on it?


I’m using Mojave and Safari 12.1 and have no warnings using MapHub.

You might try enabling Developer mode on Safari and then enabling WebGL or WebGPU in the experimental features (I actually didn’t have that enabled until writing this reply though).

As for backing up your map you can use the Share button and then download your map in a variety of open formats.

The WebGL support depends on your computer and the browser being used. Old Macbooks do not support WebGL in Safari, but the same computers might support WebGL in Firefox. Same in Windows, some computers only support it in Firefox.

Having said that, any recent Mac (2013 onwards) should work with WebGL in all browsers, as is any recent Windows PC.

About backing up, @gshaw is right, you can download your map in many formats. If you want to keep all features intact, use the GeoJSON format, as it is the native format used by Maphub.