Responsive search bar on top of map

Hey i think it would be good idea to have a search box on top of the map.
When on mobile the filter box cuts the map in half.

example >

This way on mobile and web someone would be able to see the full map while searching for something. It would also be cool if we could be able to change the color of the search bar ,and also be able to change the words in the search bar.

If there is already a way to get this result please let me know. Would help me out alot. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Zudy,

Can you explain me a bit more about what you are looking for? The ability to search when viewing the map, not only when editing it?

Also, can you share a screenshot about “When on mobile the filter box cuts the map in half.”? You mean it takes too much space on the right side? Yes, that’s a problem and it should be eventually migrated to the bottom part of the screen on mobile phones.


Hey thanks for the reply!


I did another rendering of what i was thinking of. In more detail i am suggesting a option for the filter box that is right above the categories to be placed on top of the map, but keeping the category pull out. Responsive so it would work on both mobile and on desktop. Also the option to allow us to change the box text from “filter items” to something else. And be able to change the color of the box surrounding the search bar to match the users UI.

I tried my map with people and they where confused on how to search it so having a this option as well as the one present now seems like a good idea.

Also having the search bar detachable and embeddable and responsive without the bar around it may also be a good idea as well that way individuals can place it in their nav bars if needed. Or with a little code they can make it look how i have it in the rendering with a bar around it and have the “filter items” that is now present be hidden when that option is clicked.

thx for your to time