Regarding password change


I’ve noticed that on password change I’m not logged-out on other devices, which use outdated log-in credentials.
Best practice because of security concerns usually is contrary to Maphub approach.
Is it meant by design or is it a bug?

Best regards

Hi, the functionality is there, I haven’t activated it yet. I was thinking of adding a separate button for it, but I can definitely add it to the log-out behaviour.

I think on logging out on one device user should not be logged-out on all other devices, but log-out should happen specifically on password change.
E.g. using several accounts in one browser on PC switching back and forth would log me out on mobile devices.

OK, I’ll add this to the password change functionality. Also, there’ll be a separate button as well.

This is now, implemented, both on password change as well as there is a separate button for logging out all other sessions.