Refreshing Basemap Tiles


I was wondering how open the map tiles were refreshed? I’m working on a project in my hometown (Edinburgh, Scotland) and there have been some road layout changes in the last few months in the city centre (and further out) which have been updated in some basemaps but not others.

One example - at the co-ordinates 55.95652, -3.18674 there was previously a roundabout, however there is now a ‘gyratory’ type layout (more of a triangle). This has been updated in a lot of the maps, but all of the ones in the ‘MapHub’ category still show the old layout. My plan was to use the ‘Streets’ basemap as that seems like the best one to display my data on, but this is still showing the roundabout. I’m currently using Positron instead, but it would be great if the others could be updated. The new layout is currently shown on, so hopefully it’s a quick refresh process, but I don’t know how it all works. :slight_smile:

Hi Ross,

The MapHub basemaps are unfortunately very old. Soon there’ll be totally new, vector tile based MapHub basemaps, but for now I recommend using any other basemap which is up-to-date.

p.s.: I lived in Edinburgh for 4 years, graduating there!


Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for confirming - I’ll stick with Positron for now and look out for others coming along!

I’ve been in Edinburgh my whole life (33 years!) - I do love it here. :slight_smile: If you happened to use a bus while you were here, you’ll probably have some knowledge of the info I’m trying to get into my map. But I’ll discuss it more in my other threads.