Question about importing track info

Thank you for maphub! I was using Google Maps since 2009 through all of its changes, to keep track of my kayaking paddle tracks. I keep them organized by year and each can have up to 65 tracks in each. So now that you are limited to 1 track per layer and 10 layers only I was stuck (I stopped uploading in mid 2015 the changes must have happened while I was not looking. So I am thrilled to be able to continue with the plan I had before, and importing the tracks for Google was super easy. My map is here FYI (

So my question is, I am using a Garmin and downloading the GPX files from it, When I import into MapHub the info such as miles, max speed, time etc does not appear and I have had to add it manually in the description. (At one point Google Maps displayed tis automatically (you can see them if you click on a track in 2014. Click on 2019 track and you will see how they are typed in) If this is currently a feature how so I enable it - if it is not a feature I would request that this be added.

Another question that just came to mind, is is there a color picker available for the track colors? I am running out of color choices. Again if not available I request it as a future feature.

Again thanks for the fantastic site and programming.


Hi Sue,

I’m happy to hear that you are using MapHub for organising your kayaking tracks. Can you send me a sample GPX I can have a look at? I don’t know if the fields you are mentioning is supported in GPX at all, but if you send me the file I can answer it better.

For color picker, other users have asked it as well and it’s already on our feature list. I’ll notify you once it gets implemented.