QR codes broken

I had 9 maps linked by QR codes and all had worked well, until this week. Going through the forum I found someone else’s code and there’s did not work either. Anything changed or is it just me?


Nothing changed on MapHub which would affect QR codes. Can you share some of your codes? How are you using them?


Dynamic QR Mid-summer
Fall SPG

I use these QR codes at trailheads

in these parks. The map and commentary then appear on the phone. It had worked like a charm and then suddenly stopped. I just created a new QR code and it did not work either.

Hi, so you have these printed out on paper / plastic and placed it in parks? How many do you have out?

The problem seems to be that the urls are changed. You probably renamed your username or renamed the map. It’s very easy to see what’s wrong, use Web QR website to decode your QR codes.

You have two options:

  1. Change back your username / map short url.
  2. Print new QR codes to the parks.

Since a QR code is just a URL, it’s important to never rename a map if you want to link to it via a printed medium.

Thanks for your help. I will soon have about 10 different codes. I will show you how they are used as I roll them out over the coming year.

Here is the new QR code:

James, I just tested this QR code on Web QR and on my iPhone and it doesn’t seem to work. I’d recommend using a “basic” QR code, as simple as possible, to make it work the best with most phones.

Here are the new codes:

These work on my iPhone, but I wonder how reliable they’ll be out in nature. In my opinion a black-and-white one would probably work better.

In my testing https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ gives the most readable codes.