Protecting my maps so they are not shareable


Preparing a custom map with many items and Groups is huge task in terms of effort & time.

I will be creating a map that caters for a section of people that will find it extremely useful. I would like to share publicly on my website, but at the same time I do not want my hard work to be copied by others by using the ‘share’ option.

I just want everyone to view my map but not to copy/share/embed my map.

Is there a way to remove/disable the share button please on public maps.

Thanks HESW

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi Hesw,

I can see your point! Do you also want to disable embedding, or it’s enough if just the file downloadings are disabled?


Yes ideally also disable embedding, but the file downloading would be a good start :slight_smile:


@hyperknot is disabling the share button on my map going to be possible, please?

(Zsolt Ero) #5

Hi HEST, yes it’ll be possible, I’m working on it. It’ll be possible to disabled embedding and downloading.


That’s brilliant, thanks :smiley: Appreciate you taking the time to work on this :+1:

(Andreu) #7

Hello ! Newcomer I join the request; I like that it can be embedded in my website but NOT that you can download a massive KML or GPX to avoid abuse of my work for years. Thanks !

(Zsolt Ero) #8

I understand the need. I’ll make an “Advanced Settings” widget, where all the recently requested features will be supported:

  • enable/disable embedding
  • enable/disable downloading
  • restrict map to given boundaries
  • make map start in a view

For a start. Later these will be extended.


Hi, any news about when the “advanced settings” widget with the mencioned options will be operative?