Programmatically add or delete markers


I am building a dynamic map of all the places I have built solar projects.
This would get updated daily by adding, editing, or deleting markers.

What I would need to do is:
get a list of current markers on a specific map
be able to edit or delete any marker on said list
be able to add a marker to that specific map

Fields of the marker I would need to be able to modify:
Coordinates (preferably via address)

Is this something that would be possible via the api?
As of now, I only see 2 endpoints, neither of which will be helpful in achieving this.

I replied in email.

Yes, thank you for that :slight_smile:

Hello, I figured I would ask my question here. Is there a way to remove points/features via the API? Didn’t see any docs about this.

Hi Ethan,

A major API rewrite is happening, hopefully by the end of this week you’ll have access to the new API, as well as a tutorial explaining how to use it.


I would like to get a list of my markers and edit / add / remove by it. Is it possible?

Yes, this is now possible with the new API. Docs here:

API tutorial is coming shortly!

Hi, MapHub API has just received a major update, as well as a detailed tutorial about how to use it: