Problem with import KML/KMZ from google mymaps

Problem with importing KML/KMZ … i try all solutionfrom mymaps to google earth and finally in maphub with no success.
I try with very light import just one place in the folder (name and adress) i allways have the error message “Problem with importing KML/KMZ, try re-saving the file in Google Earth.”
I finally find what is the problem : when you take a look at the kml code generate by mymaps there’s no label "< Point >< coordinates > -x.xxxxxxx, x.xxxxxxx< /coordinates >< /Point >
And gps coordinates are in an inverse order negative in first !
I share this if someone have the same problem :slight_smile:
I’ve juste one question is it possible to put 2 or much more images in description but like a slider (like in google my maps) ?

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Hi @ACAD40,

Can you email me one such KML which doesn’t work? If I could look at the data I could figure out what is happening.

Also, can you point me to a Google My Maps with photos slider?