Popups - multiple visible at once?

Hi, new user here. I would like to display multiple items, with their labels (in this case a series of five railway stations along a stretch of line, which also has a label) - is that possible? Can’t find how to do it. At the moment, I can only see one label at a time, when an item is clicked on.


Currently using the Text function as a work-around, by the way, but it would be good not to have to type everything twice!

Hi Sglingard,

Can you post some screenshots about your use case, so that I better understand the problem? (or a public map with sample data?)


Currently, you can only highlight/select one item at a time to reveal the text label on the map. I agree, there are times when I would like to have multiple labels showing, usually when I want to take a screen capture static image of the map for use elsewhere.

Perhaps an extension to the multi-select feature would be to show all labels, as a toggle option? https://medium.com/@maphub/multi-select-tool-39b74485fb33

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Yes, currently only one popup is visible at a time. That is the difference from a “label” what you can create using the left side panel and that one will always be displayed.

Currently there is no plan to make multiple popups visible at a time, but in the future if more users request it, I’ll reconsider the option of adding this.

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Thanks Zsolt - I’ll be the first to request it!

Sorry for not replying sooner - I’ve been a bit snowed under. You’ve answered the question below - thanks.

OK, I’ll register your request and notify you in case this gets implemented.

I find it very useful to have the option to show the labels of a group, of all the groups, of all the items. I think this is suitable if one wants to print the map or use it outside of MapHub, as an image.

I understand that it makes sense for some use cases, but currently the whole logic is that there is always exactly one “active” item, which has popup, zoom and information on the right. Adding multiple selection / popups is not compatible with the current model.