Popups - multiple visible at once?


Hi, new user here. I would like to display multiple items, with their labels (in this case a series of five railway stations along a stretch of line, which also has a label) - is that possible? Can’t find how to do it. At the moment, I can only see one label at a time, when an item is clicked on.




Currently using the Text function as a work-around, by the way, but it would be good not to have to type everything twice!


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Hi Sglingard,

Can you post some screenshots about your use case, so that I better understand the problem? (or a public map with sample data?)




Currently, you can only highlight/select one item at a time to reveal the text label on the map. I agree, there are times when I would like to have multiple labels showing, usually when I want to take a screen capture static image of the map for use elsewhere.

Perhaps an extension to the multi-select feature would be to show all labels, as a toggle option? https://medium.com/@maphub/multi-select-tool-39b74485fb33

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Yes, currently only one popup is visible at a time. That is the difference from a “label” what you can create using the left side panel and that one will always be displayed.

Currently there is no plan to make multiple popups visible at a time, but in the future if more users request it, I’ll reconsider the option of adding this.

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Thanks Zsolt - I’ll be the first to request it!



Sorry for not replying sooner - I’ve been a bit snowed under. You’ve answered the question below - thanks.


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OK, I’ll register your request and notify you in case this gets implemented.