Pop up sizes (Web and Mobile)


First of all, congrats and thanks for all the excellent design and options on Maphub!
I’ve been working on a map for a specific project in which I need to upload text images in the pop-ups for each location. The text images are poems that represent a specific thing of the place where they are located. Because of that, I decided the upload the images instead of adding the text to the pop-up (as I can’t maintain the shapes by adding the text).

I have a couple of doubts about sizes for the images in the pop-ups.

  1. Is there any specific maximum size (width and length) for the images uploaded to the pop-up window?

  2. I’ve been testing different image shapes on the pop-up windows, but recently I noticed that there is a difference between the displayed size of some images in the web version and the cellphone version; below two screenshots:

Web version/ Mobile Version

When I check the image in the mobile version the window/image is smaller, making it hard to read; this is only happening now, as before I’ve uploaded big images and there was no difference between web/mobile.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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