Pop up and auto load the pinned list

Hi! First off, i want to thank the amazing creator(s) of this site- like you, I am so ANTI Google because of their lack of respect for privacy

I want to hide the pop up that shows map name, and creator- No one on my site needs to know that- they already know and its just another thing they have to click to get rid of- so its more annoying than anything.
Also, when the map loads, is there a way to force it to load the pin list automatically?
i see options in the “embed” window, but i cannot get the settings to show this way…
i have unchecked the button and info options, but when i go out of the embed window- it wont let me save it because it must not be picking up any changes…

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you!
John Anderson

Nevermind :wink:
I figured out what i was doing wrong lol :wink:
it’s all in the embed code lol :wink:

Thanks for your time!

Hi John, welcome to the Forum, I’m happy you figured it out!