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Hi all,

I’ve been playing with this tool for a week or so, and am quite impressed. One thing I’m having trouble with is image sizing. I have some pictures that are in portrait orientation (as opposed to landscape), and when I click on the item they are attached to, the picture is so big you have to scroll to view it. Is there a way to lock the picture to a certain size to eliminate scrolling? Thanks!

Hi JMarcek,

Can you share an example map demonstrating the problem? If it’s confidential data, can you create an example one with sample data and images?


Items Moose River and Pike! are good examples. The picture is too tall for the frame, so there is a scroll bar. I’d be happy resizing the picture if there is a way to do that. Also, all the panorama pictures are super small. It would be nice to make those bigger, if possible.

This is a really nice map, congratulations for making it!

You are right that the sizing of pictures needs to be refined. I’ll try to come up with a better idea for displaying images in non-standard aspect ratios, like your panoramic images for example.

Hi @JMarcek

I’ve rewritten the popup/image positioning code, it should be much better now. Have a look!

This is as much as I can do with external images, in the coming MapHub image upload it’ll be even better.

It looks much better, thanks!

I think you might have caused a slight problem with sizing now because I link to large images to avoid having to create separate thumbnails I now have very large popups that you need to scroll to see the text below the images.


Hi Gary,

Can you share a map or a screenshot about the issue? I’m almost done with MapHub image uploading, and those images will be displayed in a much more polished way.

I’d like to make sure that your example will display well in the new UI.


Hi Zsolt
This is the map-

A lot of the problem is really me being lazy and not creating individual thumbs because all I needed was the map to display a reasonably sized thumb image in the popup which it did by default, I then just linked to the full sized image. But now the default image is larger it fills the box and includes a scroll bar hiding the text and making the text line length match the image width this makes things look very odd on the map locations that have “large” images.
It might work better if you had a choice of default image sizes per map location so you could have say- small, medium and maximum depending on the requirement per map location?

Cheers Gary

Ah, the Mirfield map, I absolutely love that one!

I see your point. But no worries, in the new image uploading support, thumbnail generation will be built in, as well as making sure that the description is displayed.

Let’s wait for that one with the new UI, and if you believe there need to be some choice regarding the image size I’m happy to add it later on.

Sneak peek:

Thanks Zsolt,

That’s great much better to work on the development rather than wasting time trying to fix minor niggles which uses can live with.


Looking forward to the next release keep up the good work!

So I’ve just pushed the long awaited native image uploading and handling update!

You can add a new image using the camera icon on the left button bar, or the “Add Image” button for an existing item in the panel.

@GaryPeacock, @JMarcek, can you try it on your maps? Technically this means you can remove the markdown hack and simply upload high resolution photos.

Upon uploading, the images will be resized to multiple sizes and the optimal one will be selected, so you don’t need to worry about resizing them manually.

Hi Zsolt,

I have just done a quick test and it seems to work very well with a variety of image sizes.

The only problem that I can see and it’s probably specific to the way I use Maphub is that I link the map images to the full-size ones or other sources and now other than a text hyperlink I can’t do that if I use the new uploader. Would it be possible to add hyperlinks from the upload images?


Hi,sorry to highjack this task, but it is related.
I have noted that the image is inserted on top of the text. What if you want it below.
Also, I wanted to add for example just a little Logo, but the image is resized pretty huge.
Would there be a possibility to userdefine how big the image should be and where it would be placed (above, below, right, left of the description text)?

@hyperknot Hi Zsolt,

I started to replace some of the pictures in my BWCA map, but realized that the original problem with the scroll bar on portrait oriented images is back, and worse than it was originally. See pic Double Bass on my map.

Thanks for the report, it is indeed buggy, I’m fixing it now!

Yes, I was thinking the same, I’m adding hyperlinks!

Yes, right now the images are designed to be nice for photographs. I’ll try to think of an option to make them smaller. In the meantime, you can always resize them before uploading, they will be small then (the images are never enlarged).

About options about left, right, above below text, let’s do this after the launch.

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Hi @JMarcek, thanks for that report, I fixed the issue, if you re-upload the portrait pictures it should work now. The issue was that the EXIF orientation information wasn’t processed correctly.

I’ve added link support! Here is how it works:

  • if there is a link, the title is clickable. also a small “external link” icon appears.
  • if there is a link, and an image, the image is also clickable

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