Optimal size ?


What is the optimal size for a photo? I noticed that I have some blurry photos, it must depend on the proportions.

Thank you

Hi Yannick and welcome to the forum,

Just use the biggest size you have, when uploading a photo it’ll be resized to multiple sizes, optimised for mobile, desktop, etc. screen sizes.


I still noticed that my photos in 4: 3 aspect ratio are blurry while the ones in 16: 9 aspect ratio look better. How is it possible ?


Hi, this shouldn’t be happening. Can you point me to your map, or send me a photo which gets blurry on upload?


This is my map : https://maphub.net/king76/qc

4:3 : Beauce > [09-08-20] Kinnear’s Mills
4:3 : Beauport > [3-08-20] Proche du club de Golf de Montmorency

Don’t you find that the trees are blurry compared to the other 16: 9 photos?


Hi Yannick,

I had a look at the map. I believe those photos are just a bit blurrier because they are made with older / analogue cameras and they are just not as sharp as the other photos which are made in newer cameras.

I’m quite confindent that if you’d crop one of the sharp images to 4:3 they’d be just as sharp, but feel free to try!


Hello, how do you expect the image to not be blurry when it’s just resized?



Hi Yannick,

That browser resizing should not cause an image to be blurry, it is a standard technique for HiDPI images on websites. The browser should resize without any kind of blurriness.

I can confirm that all images on your map look very sharp to me on a HiDPI screen.