Newbie Query

HI, firstly, thank you for having such an easy to build mapping system, I recently signed up for the hobbyist trial, even though I had been a member before this was required, as I’m asking questions I thought it only fair to contribute as well, My question is this, I have built a map for Motorhoming in Ireland, which I wish to embed in a free to use website for my members, I know about API requests quota etc, but I wanted to make sure that I have chosen the right API keys, for my map. Can I also ask if the way I will set it up, be embedding it, with downloading not allowed, No collaboration on the editing, will stop others trying copy and “steal” the map, or embedding it on their own site. Have I set it up right
Thank you

Hi and thank you for signing up for the Hobbyist trial. With a Hobbyist account, you have direct access to support, where I can help you personally, unlike here in the forum. You can access direct support by clicking on the “Get Support” button in the top right menu.

About the maps, first, I’ve removed your image which showed your API keys. They are personal API keys, only to be used by you, so forum is not a good place to post them.

The API keys are only needed for non-MapHub basemaps. For example if you’d like to use a Thunderforest basemap or a Mapbox satellite basemap.

About your API keys, it work on Thunderforest correctly, so that key is good, but it does not work on HERE maps, so there is a problem with HERE maps. If you don’t want to use HERE maps then it is not a problem at all of course.

Have I set it up right?

The key setting here is “Disable downloading”, and yes, you have set it up correctly!

Thank you so much, and thanks for removing that info