Navigate to button, more options?

Hi, several users of the maps we manage in our motorhome comunity are not really that happy with google maps as a navigator.
They wish to have more options like Here Wego, Waze, Sygic to chose from.
@hyperknot, i this something that you could consider to add in MapHub in the future?

best regards Joakim

Sure. I’d need to find the URL for each of those services. Do you know if they all have a website? Or this is 100% on mobile usage? The good thing with Google is that they have the same URL for website and for mobile app.

What i now Waze an Here WeGo both have sites/maps on the web.

A an example, this two links open in a website if you open them in a browser.
If you have a mobile device, the link opens up the app.
(The position goes to a road in Salzburg)


Here WeGo

Thanks for these links, I’ll have a look at integrating them.

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