"my location" marker on the map


is there any plans to put “my location” marker on the map?

people travelling with mobile phones feel confused when using maphub on the streets, because they do not understand their location so it’s pretty much difficult to navigate right and they switch to other apps.

very needed feature for truly interactive maps, i suppose.

— I.

i thought everybody would agree that this have to be an essential feature (

Hi Igor,

What do you mean exactly? There is the “My Location” button in the lower left corner. Can you explain what is missing from that feature?

Would you like to have it always-on, and constantly tracking your position when you move on the map?



Yes, I want people look at the map on a mobile and see their current location on the map, while they’re travelling. Like in a common map app. Otherwise it’s difficule to navigate without putting “you’re here” arrow.

Is “current location” good, like in the non-embed version? Or you need continous, moving location?

continious, moving location would be absolutely perfect )
but at least static current location button (like in the non-embed version) is ok to start with, i suppose

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Sure, I’ll add the static location button right away, and then think about a way to do moving location with the same button.

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I’ve seen the Location Button open up a box with 2 options “My Location” and “Follow Me” on other Map Products. You could also allow the map maker to choose which location button (“Static” or “Constant”) he wants to use like we choose the marker, or the polygon.

I speak up because like Igor above, I truly need that functionality also. In my case, I’d rather the user not have the option of which one to use and determine that myself.


I have to agree with Brian G. A Google-Maps-like live tracker is, in my opinion, essential for these maps. They are amazing and truly the best online interactive maps! This feature would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, so the general request is to modify the “locate me” button to open a dialog and select from:

  • Locate me / My position (same as now)
  • Moving dot - move the dot in real time how the user walks on the map
  • Record track - move the dot in real time + make a line from what the user walks into a “track”. This is shown as an item on the map if the user has edit permissionso on the map.
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For me, a “record track” is not something that would be helpful. But my users will not have Edit Permission (just my $0.02).

The “Moving Dot” that shows the users current location while the map is open without having to refresh to update that location is perfect for what I would like to do, the only thing that would make that better is a “Directional” moving dot. Meaning a pointer on the dot showing the direction the user is facing, simply because many people unfamiliar with an area have difficulty placing themselves “Inside” the map and orienting themselves to the map in relation to their current status.