Multiple Points Moving Together

I think this might be a little bug, unless I’ve just done something wrong!

I copied a few points because I wanted to make minor amendments to them, however when I changed the location of one of the new points, it also changed the location of the original one that I copied it from.

Is it possible that locations are updated together when they’re identical?

Hi Ross, no it shouldn’t happen. Can you explain me how did you do it?

I created a new map just to check it wasn’t an issue with my current one.

I started with 2 points/items, each within their own group. I copied Group 2 to a new group (Group 2 copy) and renamed the item ‘Item 2 copy’. I then changed the coordinates of ‘Item 2 copy’ and it updated the coordinates for ‘Item 2 copy’ and ‘Item 2’.

Not sure if there’s a link back to the original point when it’s copied or if it just changes the coordinates for any point that shares the exact same long/lat, but both points certainly seem to change together somehow.

Hi Ross, thanks a lot for the detailed error report! I was able to reproduce it and fixed the bug in the current version.

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