Hi, i am working on syrian war, and i was wondering if you could mark automaticly all bases red like here:

More colors would be good too, also can you put measurements mode.
And if i add news can you make that someone can make a comment when they click on the icon of the news.

Or maybe new icons where i can add oil, hill, resource icons that would be perment on my map.

They are using openstreetmap

Hi Alex,

That map seems really nice, but quite complicated at the moments. Can you explain what do you mean by “mark automatically all bases red”?

Yeah sure

  1. They’ve used the open-source Leaflet library, which you can embed into your website to display maps.

2.And they’ve used the open-data OpenStreetMap geographical database.

3.The switch2osm website has lots of resources to help you do this.

So yeah, i need

as my basemap.

Hi Alex,

MapHub has the exact same system. Leaflet and OpenStreetMap. But making a community oriented website is quite a big task. It’s the community tasks which are missing, the basemaps are the same or almost the same.

What would be the most important feature from liveuamap you’d like to see?


What i need is measurements mode or same OpenStreetMap(, all other would be yust eye candy.

Btw, thanks for the response Ero. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

Sorry, I still don’t understand what you mean by measurement mode. Can you explain it a bit more?