Mark colors


Hi, i’m a new user in Map Hub.

I’ve imported a JSON file from Mapbox and i saw difference between available color (for marks) and those imported from file. Is there a way to create a black mark for example? I’ve started change the color of the old marks but i’d rather have more colors.
I add a screen to better explain my problem (look at the difference between the imported marks and modify marks).

Thanks for the help

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi Arkhans,

Your map looks really nice! Yes, any color is supported in MapHub, but the editor only offers a few as a preset. I’m thinking of adding a color picker if people would like to use it. That way you can add any color you like.


Thank for your fast reply.

It would be really useful a color picker!
So I wait before change the color of old marks, maybe i can change only the color of new marks soon :slight_smile:

(Zsolt Ero) #4