Mark colors

Hi, i’m a new user in Map Hub.

I’ve imported a JSON file from Mapbox and i saw difference between available color (for marks) and those imported from file. Is there a way to create a black mark for example? I’ve started change the color of the old marks but i’d rather have more colors.
I add a screen to better explain my problem (look at the difference between the imported marks and modify marks).

Thanks for the help

Hi Arkhans,

Your map looks really nice! Yes, any color is supported in MapHub, but the editor only offers a few as a preset. I’m thinking of adding a color picker if people would like to use it. That way you can add any color you like.

Thank for your fast reply.

It would be really useful a color picker!
So I wait before change the color of old marks, maybe i can change only the color of new marks soon :slight_smile: