Maps inside iframes do not scale well when opened on mobile phones

Hello, i am creating a simple website based on this really amazing tool (better than google my maps by far) to help people in my town find safe cycling routes, as there has ben quite a lot of fatal cycling accidents recently
unfortunately i ran into what looks like a dead end :sob: :sob:
Embedding maps in my website using the maphub’s iframe tool results in maps that do not scale properly when opened on a mobile phone, the icons, labels, and lines are extremely small and almost impossible read and to click on.
try it, this is my iframes source:
try opening that on a phone, or use chromes developer tools to view this on a phone
since my website is made for people on bicycles, opening it on a phone is a must :frowning:
please help

Hi Rami and Welcome to the forum!

For your problem, I am quite confident that the problem is with the “outside” website, the iframe itself is just the same as on MapHub. So if the icons, etc. are good on the version, then the embed should be the same.

Are you using Wordpress or something similar? I’d look into the theme editor, etc. how to configure that iframe view.

thank you very much for your quick reply, i will look into it :slight_smile: