Maps categories

Hello, it would be useful to group different maps by categories; something similar to folders …
Will this be possible?
Thanks !

Hi @fontsdetramuntana can you explain how would you imagine this? On the My Maps page, or loading a full map into the sidebar like groups are now?

Well, for me it would be useful to be able to group maps in the view ‘’ My Maps ‘’; I explain: my project (now in FusionTables) contains 1700 wpts spread over 60 maps (municipalities) and this at the same time in 4 areas (north south east west).
Now it is sorted according to the recent changes, but my work would be more efficient if I can have 4 categories (north south east west); I always talk about the view ‘’ My Maps ‘’.
Another alternative in my case would be that the order was alphabetical and not chronological.
Could it be incorporated in the future?