MapHub’s brand new engine: Mapbox GL

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Hi, maybe I did not see it, but when do you plan to put the new engine live?`
And any idea when the sorting / grouping options will become available?

thanks in advance.

Hi Nico,

The new engine is live since about a week ago! Having said that, I’m very happy if you didn’t notice any visual differences, that was my aim.
Just try the following two links:

old engine
new engine

Sorting / grouping options will be available in a few hours, I’m just refining the UI!

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Awesome. Yes, I did not notice the new engine was live. so well done. I will check later in for the grouping.
thanks again.

Hi Nico, I’ve just deployed the new version with groups and visibility support. Have a look and please report if anything seems to be broken, I’ll announce it on Monday.

Cool. I will test it tonight and will let you know. thanks


I have changed my map now and this works all very userfriendly. Add groups, move per drag and drop.
No issue there (tested on PC & Mac both with Chrome browser).
There are 2 things I noticed though and are not directly related.

  • I could use a counter for each group
  • when the map is embeded in a webpage ( I cannot see the right panel, so you can actually not show / hide any groups. The user would need to go the maphub and view the map there.

Want me to create individual topics for these 2 on the forum?

A part from that, well done! :smiley:

Thanks for the report. Yes, the embed needs the right side panel, it’s true!

And no need to create new topic, actually I think I’ll remove that advice.

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Yes, counter is a good idea as well.

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Hi Zsolt, just to check back, are you implementing the right panel also for embeded maps?

Hi Nico,

Yes, absolutely. Embedded map will receive a nice side panel!

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Hi @nico.vadoy, have a look at the not yet announced side panel in embed mode: put a ?panel=1 at the end of the iframe url.

@nico.vadoy, Embed Panels are now live:

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Back from vacation now, and the new panel for embedded pages is perfect. thanks a lot.

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