Maphub not working fine on mobile specially Iphone


(Wajahat) #1


I am using this map

and i have embed on my website, when i open my website on mobile then this form is not working fine.
even close panel icons are not showing. and on load first section of map there i’m facing map scroll page issue in iphone. can you please guide me why these issues are coming.

(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi, I’m also an iPhone user with no errors here. Can you send a link to the page where it’s embedded?

(Wajahat) #3


Please open this link for website

and check below link for screenshot. how to you can see location map.


(Wajahat) #5

can you help me regarding abut this issue ?

(Zsolt Ero) #6

HI Wajahat,

I’ve checked your website. There is some error with the theme / template you are using and how it displays the MapHub embed. You’ll need to have it fixed in the theme / template. The MapHub embed is working correctly, just the size is wrong.