Maphub Dark Basemap missing street labels

Hi all,
I’m trying to create a map of the Cairns City Area in Queensland Australia, and the Dark Basemap is beautiful for my purposes, but I need all the streets labeled, and not many of them are.

Is there any way to change a setting somewhere so I can get the streets to display?
I’ve noticed that the Dark Matter Base skin has all street labels, but it does not render the building shapes, which are important to us.

Not sure if someone can help us out, hope so cause we love the dark Basemap.
Cheers in advance

Hi bunkum,

Unfortunately, the only two dark maps are dark and dark matter. You can try inserting labels for the streets you’d like to display.

In the future there will be the option of using custom basemaps, so you design basemaps for yourself in MapBox Studio. I am still working on that feature!


Wowsers, thanks for the speedy reply!!

That’s a shame, I’ve noticed that some buildings do render in Dark Matter, but most don’t in the Cairns CBD.

The street names and building shapes are all there in the non dark maps, so the data is there somewhere. Is there something I can do to help? I’m pretty basic at most coding, but could try?

I did have a crack at inserting labels, but the font is quite large, and it does not run the same angle as the streets.

Thanks again for the speedy support, I can see Maphub going places.

What you need then is a custom map, what you can design using MapBox Studio.

Beware, there is no support for custom maps in MapHub at the moment, but I’m working on it!

Cool, Thanks hyperknot.
The Standard Dark Mapbox map is perfect, has buildings and all streets labeled.

I’d also love to see a Lightbulb icon to put inside the location pins.

Thanks for a great service!

Thanks, I’ll keep the lightbulb icon in mind!

Thanks again mate. Is there a way they can be used unsupported until then?

Sorry, not yet possible, I’m working on implementing it soon.

Custom icons are now possible on MapHub. You can read about it detail in the following post: