Maphub and


I am new to maphub, I would like to explore maphub and h3geo -
has someone else done this ? Would it be easy for me to upload a file with the hexagons
to cover the whole or parts of Europe?

best, I

Hi and welcome to the forum,

h3 would probably be extremely large and wouldn’t work. MapHub is better made for handling user-made geometries, not automatically generated ones like h3 where you can create hundreds of MBs or even GBs of data with a simple click of a button.


Thank you Zsolt.

I found a csv-file with 1470 cities for one of the larger countries i Europe, the file is only 110K and I did draw up all those hexagons in R-Studio in my laptop …
If I could do the same for 2-4 neighbouring countries , that would be less than 5x100k …

So I thought that my little project in R and Rstudio was just a proof-of-concept, my ambition would be to try out this platform and look closer at h3geo - and understand more about how I can use h3geo.

Best, i