Mapbox access token

Hi again, driven by curiosity i found some fields under settings/basemap where i can put my own Mapbox Access Token

Without really now what i was doing i created a Token at mapbox and i also gave it a shot to design my own map there.
I tried to use my new access token for a maphub map, i could not see any change anywere in the map and i might have done something wrong at Mapbox.
So, just of quriosy, is there documented something about how to use Mapbox access tokens?

cheers Jocke

Hi Jocke,

Right now, Mapbox access tokens are only needed if you are a very heavy user of a Mapbox basemap and we ask you to use your own token. 99.9% of the users will never need to enter such token.

Having said that, in the future we might add custom Mapbox basemaps created with Mapbox Studio, but right now it’s not yet possible.


I guess i will stay together with the other 99.9 user for a long time as my map is quite niche.
Custom map from Mapbox studio would be a cool thing, but by no meaning super important for me, but cool. :slight_smile:


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I was asked to add a token yesterday due to heavy use of Mapbox basemap.
Added my key this morning, so far,all seems to be back to normal.

Hi Neil, what do you mean by “all seems to be back to normal”? Is anything broken?

Nothing broken. Until I loaded my key, I was given a prompt to create an account etc due to my heavy useage.

Yes, it’s designed like this.

If a given map gets very popular from a premium basemap provider, like MapBox, it gets switched to a MapHub basemap for 24 hours. Everything will work, but temporarily you won’t see the MapBox basemap.

This is because those providers are actually really expensive. MapBox, Thunderforest, etc. costs so much that it’s actually more expensive for us than the whole server infrastructure.

This 24 hour temporary switching to MapHub basemaps is the best solution I believe without requiring an API key.

With the free API key this limitation is of course no longer needed, you can use as much as you want!

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