Map Usage/analytics Stats

Firstly thanks for a great product that got even better with the recent update.

This doesn’t involve the operation of MapHub directly but would it be possible in the future to get any map usage/analytics Stats?

I use the map below quite centrally in a few projects and can get stats for those but always have a niggling worry that people are using the content around the map rather than the map itself, obviously if I even had just a “Views” count this would help to confirm this so I can try to remedy this.

The map ties into a Facebook group quite closely but if anyone fancies a look this is the link.


Hi Gary, I was thinking about adding a simple, YouTube style “view count”. Would that help?

Your map (which is amazing BTW) has about 10k views so far! Quite an achievement, congratulations for making it!


That would be great just an activity count would be brilliant.



I’ve put it on the feature requests, when it gets implemented I’ll reply.

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What would be nice as well, is for the map owner to know where the redirects are coming from.
So to check if and what pages are using the map as well (f.e. embeded)

That’s also a good idea, once there’ll be a stats page I’ll think about how can I implement it.

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Hey @hyperknot love this product. Just wondering if there’s been any progress implementing analytics? It’s an important factor for my stakeholders.

Hey Just wondering if the view count was ever implemented!

Hi, not yet. If you are curious about a specific map I can send you a screenshot of the analytics.

oh, could you send me mine? (no rush)