Map shows only the last icon

I have created a map to be edited by my students. We were working collaboratively but when a student saves a mark, the previous marks done by the classmates dissappear! The map only shows 4 items. I can see the previous marks in the version history, but if I restore that version, I cannot see the new or old ones. How can I display more than 4 items or restore all the items at once? Thank you

Hi @Lamilagrosa and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately collaborative editing is not supported right now, but it will be the next release after version history (released today). If only one person edits at a time then there are no problems, as long as you always reload the page before you start editing.

But proper, real-time multi-user collaborative editing is coming very soon!

Thanks. Is there a configuration or setting procedure to limit the amount of items shown? The map is showing 4 items, but there are more items that can be seen in the version history.

In that case what happened is that some editor has overwritten an other editor’s work. This is the reason why it is not supported.

I recommend restoring the version with the most items and continuing from there.