Map position autorefresh

Hello, I am new to MapHub and first of all to say that I like the tool a lot, I find it simple and versatile, congratulations to the developers.

One thing I see is that when you activate the GPS on your mobile, your position is indicated on the map, but as you move it is not updated, you do not see how you are moving. Is this so or am I doing something wrong?

Greetings to the community

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Hi Balen and Welcome to the Forum,

You are right, it currently only works for a given moment. You have to push it from time to time till it updates the position.


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Thanks for your answer Zsolt

I would like to point it out as a suggestion, that MapHub could continuously update the position as an option it could be very useful for older people or less advanced users who do not feel like using a navigation application. Obviously I understand that it is not the goal of MapHub to replace a navigator, but if the continuous update of the position could be activated and the map rotated to orient themselves in the direction of movement, older people who want to follow a route would be happy. I have prepared some routes to carry out in the confinement area for COVID 19 in the surroundings of my city and the two functions that I quote are a recurring comment.

In any case, this suggestion is not intended to be any kind of imposition, it would be missing more, and of course at no time does it tarnish the good work of MapHub and its developers, a tool that I really like.

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I would also appreciate this. I plan to use my maps while on a train, and I would like to have my location updating, if possible :slight_smile:


These auto-updating feature will definitely be added! I’m also using MapHub for hiking these days and that auto-update is greatly missing for my own use case.
It’s just that there are some really big changes right now which need all my time (collaborative map).



Looking forward to the new changes!

Good news, my retired hiking friends will be delighted with this. It is all they need because they have already solved the problem of rotating the map, they rotate the smartphone!!! hahaha

Thanks Zsolt


Hello Zsolt

To return to this topic, do you have any plans to implement this feature soon ? I just want to know if it can be in the near future, but if we have to wait we will wait, of course.

Best regards

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I would also love an update on this!

Has this feature been implemented?

Not yet, but it’s a good candidate for being implemented soon.

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