Map not fully loaded when zoom in

Some part of the map is missing when I was trying to zoom in. I also tried a different browser but it still not working. I’m currently using Firefox right now.

  • It seems to only happen with MapHub basemap the other basemaps are okay.

Hi Thanawin, thanks for reporting it.

Yesterday the MapHub basemap server has been migrated to a higher performance one, and this is probably related.

Can you create a public map showing just the problematic area?

Thank you for replying!

This is the link to the map that you requested.

Thanks for sharing! I can confirm that it is a bug in the MapHub basemap. Unfortunately there are a few, small areas which are like this, and all I can recommend now is to use a basemap from a different provider.

In the future there will be new MapHub basemaps which will have this bug fixed.