Map name and who its by Pop Up

When you embed the map on a website two things pop before being to use the map. The play button and a pop-up of the map name and who made it. How can you get rid of the second pop up. I don’t want it to show the name of the map or my user name. ThanksMap Hub Image

Markers and Images by hyperknot · MapHub 2020-06-12 10-00-56

That’s the legend button in the embed wizard. Should I rename it to “Info”?

Yes, I vote for “info” :slight_smile:

I renamed it to Info, it’ll be visible in the next release.


Thank you!

Released new version with “Info”.



Hello- so I do not want to have the second pop-up (with map name and who made it) to appear at all on my embedded map. I went to the embed panel and there is no longer a LEGEND choice available. How can I remove that pop-up?

Its now called Info. So when embedding make sure that one is not checked.
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