Map Icons

MapHub doesn’t let me change the icons for my basemap, either to the pre-approved ones or any custom ones I download. I click it, but they don’t change. Any suggestions? Color changes fine.

Hi Casey,

Can you explain what do you mean “change the icons for my basemap”? A basemap is a fixed layer you cannot change, you can only choose if from a list of offered basemaps.

You can only change icons on your items.

No sorry I just mean change the icons in general. Like I can’t change my icons at all. There are options for like a water drop shape, skull and crossbones, etc, but those don’t work, mine always stays the circle.

Try to deactivate the “Simplify Map” option / or lower the number of the simplify map zoom level.
(the option is beneath your map info)


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Thank you so much, of course it’s something simple I missed! Worked like a charm!

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Thanks @Michel I didn’t think of that!

@clmahalik you can also modify the level, so it only becomes circle once you zoom out a lot!

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