Map giving grey background

Hey all - I made a map, and embedded it in my website.
I noticed that it was giving no map, just a grey background. I could see my points. When I clicked on one, it seemed like it reloaded and then did it’s normal thing - zoomed in to where the pointer was. I then saw the map. When I change my basemap, it also gives a grey background. In the map editor, it is fine.

One of my points is in Alaska - and where it zoomed in, there was grey above the standard map…

I wouldn’t know if these are MapHub problems or an OpenStreetMap ones, though.

I saved some pictures:

Hi Patrick,

Thanks a lot for the detailed report and for including the screenshots!

I can confirm that the bug is with MapHub and I’m looking into making a fix for it. The reason is that it’s trying to zoom out too much, since your points are trying to fit the whole world into a small area, and that zoom level isn’t provided. I need to find a fix for it.

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@PatrickBootsCEC can you provide a link to the problematic map?