Logging visitors to a map?

Is there any data available on visitors to a map?

Hi, the visits are being counted but there is no user facing UI to see those numbers at the moment.

Hi Zsolt,
Thanks for the rapid response.
Please can the displaying of those counts be added to the requested features list?

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Hi Zsolt,
I’ve just gone live with the GAA UK ACPs Database by GAA · MapHub
This is a depiction of all the current proposed changes to UK airspace regulation that could\will have an impact on General Aviation.
Having some sort of visitor count would be really useful from now on. Any news on when it might become available?

Hi Zsolt,
I’m doing a report on how our project is going and so any data on visitors to GAA UK ACPs Database by GAA · MapHub would be very gratefully received.

Hi Tom,

Your map has received 258 visitors so far.

Kind regards,

Many thanks for the rapid response.