Is there a limit to how many maps you can create and save?

I have been doing a research project of significant earthquakes 314AD to present, but have been let down by multiple mapping programs such as Google, Bing and Yahoo changing the scope and access to them. I’m sick of redoing everything, but found MapHub and it looks ideal for my purposes.
I estimate there could be up to 1000 maps needed, is this over the top for MapHub?, I’m not sure how the links work, I’m using KML files for the markers, and these are hosted on Dropbox
here is the project I
have done 2018 and 2017 in MapHub iframe, looks great, the rest is a mess at the moment

Hi MIchael!

Wow, this looks like some serious effort you’ve put into it!
I’m happy you tried out MapHub!

First of all, I can promise that public maps will always be free, for unlimited views, and unlimited embeds (when using MapHub basemaps, like yours).

Second, on a MapHub map, you don’t need Dropbox or anything else to host the files. The maps themselves are the files, they are hosted on MapHub.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hi Zsolt, thats fantastic to hear, thank you. I hosted the KML on Dropbox once I started having problems with the other mapping systems, so people still had something to see. I will probably keep posting the link anyways.
Wishing you all the success in the future.
I will get started on working backwards time wise and bring the MapHub maps in to the blog a year at a time.


If you or one of your friends is interested a little bit in programming, you can automatically upload a KMZ file and create a MapHub map from it, using this guide here:

I hope this helps you with migrating the maps.