Is it possible to export map info to excel

Hey, is it posible to export the info I have in the map (Tittle, description, coordinates) to an excel file? Please it will be really helpful for me. I want to create an excel table with it

Hi Antonio, i am almost useless with Excel but i guess there should not be a problem to do what you wish in Excel.
Here is how i do it with google Drive (and i am not partically good at google Drive either)
Export a csv-file from your map by press “Share” and choose csv and download it.
Next step is to import it to a spreadsheet in Drive, the only thing that i noticed i had to change in the options at the import was to set “No” for the option that says something like “do you want to convert text to numbers, date, etc” Just set it to no as the coordinates was messed up with yes.

Here is how the tables turned out for me:

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Hi Antonio and welcome to the forum.

Yes, exactly as Joakim has said, you need to export a CSV file of the map, which you can easily open in Excel, as Excel can open CSV files.

First click the Share button, then CSV, like this:

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