Is a Map set to Public accessible from anyone on the web?

I have confidential clients, but do want employees to login, and be able to change think (Set to Private), so it is set to public, how do I know my info is safe? Thanks.

Hi Randall,

In that case the best would be to use a “team” account with shared password, until this feature gets implemented properly. The only limitation of this is that your clients can also edit the map, not just view it.

Later on, there’ll be sharing modes including team and password protected viewing.

If you set a map to public, anyone with the URL of the map can view the map. Currently it is not listed on MapHub, but if someone knows your username or your map’s URL, it’ll be visible.


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Hello Zsolt,

now I’m excited! :slight_smile:

Is this the first glimpse into new update?
woop woop

Are there plans of a MapHub directory? I would still like that a lot :slight_smile:

Greeting, Michel

Me gusta la aplicación, este mapa muestra cada zona de Santa Cruz en vivo, y se actualiza casa 10 minutos… Está genial