Invalid security certificate for Firefox?

Anyone else get this error when embedding a map? I’ve got the latest version of FF.
Works in Chrome a Safari but not FF.


What is the full URL you are trying to view? The HTTPS is provided by CloudFlare, if they have a problem with certificates then half the internet would be having the same error.

So it’s an embed on a website? In that case the HTTPS error must be on the website, which is indeed possible.

But right now, it works without errors for me in Firefox. If you have recently changed the domain settings, wait 48 hours so that everything is definitely working.

But this is unrelated to MapHub, it’s an issue with the website.

I’ve had this problem since the weekend, couldn’t open some pages like Facebook or Gmail. Found this fix following the instructions in the first section will fix it. Once done it works OK every time you reload Firefox, but you might have to do it again if you download a forced update from FF