Interactive nature once embedded in website

We want to create an interactive map for our website which shows the location and activities of various community groups and individuals… maphub looks ideal! People can see what is going on in the Avon area and by clicking on an icon see a picture and find out the name of the group, a little bit about them, and how to get in touch.

Two questions:

  1. Is this completely free?
  2. Once the map is exported and embedded in a website, can we continue adding new points in maphub and automatically update the website, or does it need to be updated and re-exported every time new data is added?

Yes, right now MapHub is completely free. Once out of beta, it will be freemium, meaning some features will be free, while some more advanced features will require a monthly subscription.

An embed is always “live”, there is no need to re-export it. Just try it, modify the map and then reload the embedded website and it’ll show the new version.

Is it possible for people other than site moderators to make additions to the map? (ie: community members, if we are asking them to tell us where they would like a new park, etc)

Hi, I am also wanting to embed an interactive map in a form on my website. I need users to be able to drop a pin on a location (1 or more), and for that information to be saved and/or the GPS coordinates sent to me when the form is submitted. Is this possible with MapHub?
Thank you!.

Hi, this is not possible now. Later it’ll be possible to invite collaborators / team members to a map and edit it together.

Hi Alison, this is not possible with MapHub at the moment. The best choice would be for them to submit a Google Form and then you could edit the map manually.