Interactive but curated map?


I’m looking into MapHub but I don’t know if its the best choice for what I want to do, so I’ll ask you!

I want to make an interactive map where:

  1. You get to see all the contents on the map without having to be a registered user or invited to the map.
  2. I can embed the map on a website.
  3. People get to add their own places with both pictures and text, BUT I want to be able to curate the content, so I want it to be possible for me to be able to approve or reject the proposed content before it gets published.
  4. It is possible to share your GPS info with the map, so that users can see where on the map they are (like google maps etc).

Can I do this using MapHub?

Thank you!

Best, Sara
Teater Nu, Sweden

HI Sara,

I am just a user, but I think I can answer your questions.

  1. You can set a map as public and any user with the link to the map can view the map. (for example: BVB Worldmap by nicovadoy · MapHub)
  2. You can embed the map via iframe. (for example: BVB Worldmap - BVB Norway - Borussentrolle)
  3. who do you mean with “people”? There needs to be a registered user, that can setup the map, and add, change or remove icons on the map. You can also collaborate with other registered users. Viewers (not registered users) are not able to modify any content on your map.
  4. On the lower left corner there is the position icon. Click on that and the map will zoom into your current location.

I hope this helps

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Hi Sara and Welcome to the Forum!

Thanks @nico.vadoy for answering all the questions. Yes, 1., 2., 4. are super simple, while 3. is not possible at the moment.

You have two choices:

  1. Ask the users to email you and you add new points manually.
  2. They register on MapHub and you add them as editors. If you do this, you allow them to edit the map in any way, which is risky if you don’t trust them.