Interact with the map with elements on the page


i need to create active links outside of maphub embed element leading to the markers on a map (with the same action like when you click on a marker title in the sidebar).

is it even possible?

Hi Igor,

Technically, it might be possible to implement something like this in modern browsers using Window.postMessage(). But this would require writing custom javascript code on the websites, so it’d only be useful for advanced users.

So right now it’s not implemented, but it might be in the future, if there is need for it.


This seems to be the only solution for the current project I’m working on right now. And I’m looking for a way to find a way to connect html list items and maphub embed. I have a tech specialist, who is familiar with js.

Am I right, that there is no tech documentation for using it right now and it’s not possible at all? Or it is possible, but you just haven’t tested it?..

btw, postMessage has not bad support right now