Insert map on WIX web editor

Dear all,
Is it possible to insert a map in the WIX web editor?
I don’t see any option on my WIX editor.

Or is it only possible only on Wordpress editor?
Please, let me know the possibilities.

Many thanks,

If you create an iframe on your WIX site, then you can just export your map as an Iframe.

Go to Share, and Embed on Website on your map.

Then tweak the settings to your liking.

Once done, you can copy the code, and paste it into WIX.

Hopefully this helped!


Hi @aitorsaez10 and welcome to the forum!

Inserting in WIX should be possible, but I haven’t used WIX myself, I’d need to look at it in detail. As @Dotly said, the keyword is “iframe”. You’ll need to look for an “iframe embed” in WIX.

I found this in WIX’s documentation, can you try it?

Please let us know if it works.

Thanks, I found the iframe solution.