Inheriting group color and icon


Currently you have to explicitely set color and icon for a pin after creating it, or you can move pins to some group and set these properties for all items in a group at once.

Yet, it would be highly desirable, that in case no color and icon was explicitely set for a pin (i.e. if they remain in default state) and if a pin would be moved to some group, it would automatically inherit color and icon of that group.

Same for properties of lines and polygons.
That would save a lot of clicks.

I suggest setting for this could be located in “Map” tab.

I understand your request, however technically this is not possible currently. All properties are saved on an items’ level, not on groups’s level.

Maybe some auto-detection can be done, so that if all items share a given icon or color inside a group, then the new item should automatically get that. That would be one way to solve it.