Info widget

The impression I have about the info widget so far is that it works only for a group of people who are collaborating on a map project.

In my case, I created a map. Now I want to display the map publicly, but do not want to allow the public to edit the map.

Unless I’ve missed something, it appears to me that the info widget does not do that. When the info widget opens, it includes a link that goes directly to the map file on maphub and allows full access to the map content for editing. I can’t use it if that’s the case.

Am I missing something about the info widget?

Hi GNUguy and Welcome to the forum!

When an unlogged user visits your map, they cannot edit the map. Only the owner of a map can edit it, everyone else can only view it (if the map is public).

Try it from a different browser or in incognito mode, you’ll see that the editor will not be visible.